Sydney Alts, aged 24, is a British ceramicist, working with colour and surface design in clay. She has been working with clay since the age of seven, growing up in East Sussex.

Having just completed studying a degree in 3D Design and Crafts at the University of Brighton, graduating in 2020, Sydney is continuing her practice from a studio in Walstead, East Sussex, Sydney continues to work with coloured clay to create pieces that are playful and fresh within a contemporary classic ceramic design. As well, Sydney works at The Clay Studio teaching pottery.

Combining the traditional Japanese craft of Nerikomi with British contemporary ceramics has been at the centre of Sydney’s practice. Nerikomi is defined as a decorative process by layering coloured clay and then slicing through to create patterns. Having always been drawn to colour and pattern, Sydney applies both elements with the intention of giving space to breath around a three-dimensional form. Sydney gains inspiration from drawing playful shapes to inform the identities of each individual piece, while exploring colour to echo the simplicity of the designs. The collection of objects presented are a playful and fresh approach to contemporary classic ceramic design. 

Sydney is based in East Sussex.